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Trend TATA Auto is unique in its essence: this is a combination of the popular German working out of Mercedes-Benz, the production possibilities of Indian enterprise TATA and the local assemblage of lorries. This perfect combination gives the trucks all the advantages of the best import equipment and it is easy to buy TATA spare parts, for example, by contacting our company.

TATA Motors Limited –is one of the largest companies in the production of commercial vehicles and buses. This Indian company owns several factories, which carry out a complete cycle for the production of various vehicles such as cars, off-road vehicles, buses and commercial automobiles.

TATA Auto combines large load-carrying capacity and high maneuverability, that does these trucks suitable for use both in big, and in small cities. Our company sells spare parts for TATA-known Indian and world companies and brands. Among them TVS Group, ZF, Lumax, Bosch, Timken, SKF and others.

The company offers both wholesale and retail sale of spare parts. We are familiar with the whole range of spare parts for TATA, and spare parts to BAZ Etalon and  I-VAN, their interchangeability and features. Our professional, qualified experts will provide as much as possible high level in the help of selection of necessary spare parts.


By our part – spare parts for each part !

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